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Free Drinks on Ladies’ Night.

It’s for an obvious reason that pubs hold ladies’ night on Wednesdays and hand out free drinks and other freebies to attract more men making a beeline for the waterhole. Pubs’ management can’t be so charitable to set aside one night a week where the women could have their girls’ night out of fun and cheer drinks on the house. Yet some women for some warped reasons like to believe how chivalrous they are to make such offers to them.

What a rude shock awaiting these women who surpassed the age of 35 to be denied free drinks by one pub in Singapore last week. They could not understand why they were turned down when it was clearly stated “Free Drinks for women on Ladies’ Night”; “5 drinks coupons will be issued out at the entrance”. There weren’t even small print anywhere to indicate they must be a sexy young thing to qualify for the free drinks.

Calling all ladies over 35 years of age…Is this a worthy enough cause for you to fight for your rights and not to be used as tidbits to lure men and their fat wallets to chill out on a Wednesday night? Or should you accept your ‘no commercial value’ as against those young thing who could be served as palatable morsel for the male customers to nibble at? 

Do you think you should quietly avoid those pubs on Ladies’ Night and choose instead to spend your Wednesday nights at the various karaoke lounges at the Community Clubs? Or should you make your presence felt and storm into the pubs and order your drinks? After all at this age group you are economically well off to pay for your own drinks. And you could even buy drinks for that young man sitting at the next table.

You could say to the pubs’ management,”No thanks to free drinks!!”


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