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In Praise of Women…a tribute.

Women were called the fairer sex, the weaker sex in the past but they are no longer true today. Without compromising their feminity, women have pitted their mettle against any men in all fields . They have made achievements that even men have openly applauded.

I’m not singing my praises for these women here though they rightly deserve so. But for one group of women whom the whole wide world may have chosen to ignore or pretend that they don’t exist and they are the underprivileged women who are poverty-ridden, illiterate and uneducated, enduring poor health and subjected to domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation.

The members of UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) have not only noticed them but have come together to help and assist these women to develop survival skills, to gain economic independence and to provide them with access to education and health. They have worked very closely with the governments to enforce laws and orders on perpetrators and offenders of sex crimes and child sex trade so that these women and children are free from violence, abuse and explotation.

Kudos to UNIFEM. The members, comprising mostly women, come from all walk of life. They volunteer their valuable time, expertise and wealth so that the underprivileged women may enjoy a sense of humanity and dignity as fellow human beings. Fund-raising activities have been aplenty to finance their projects. What many of us can do at least is to willingly contribute to their coffers so that they could achieve their mission.

Kudos to the underprivileged women too. Despite their poverty, they labour in quest for survival and economic independence so that children under their care do not go hungry and destitute. Illiterate and uneducated they may be but they know the importance of education, knowledge and skills to equip them for the world ahead. They do not allow poor health as an excuse to expect and wait for handouts. They brace themselves against domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation meted out on them.  

Last, but not least, a tribute………in praise of women.


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  1. Hi Rokiah,

    I didn’t know woman are an improved version of men! But now I know. Yes I take my hat off them. For without women, man will not exist. =)

    Good start to your blog. i noticed that you have put effort in your formatting.

    Now all you have to do is just keep going.


    Comment by YongSing | June 28, 2007

  2. Hi YongSing

    Tnx 4 the visit. Woman, without her man, is nothing. Or is it?….Woman, without her, man is nothing. Hehe


    Comment by rokiahiz | June 28, 2007

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