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Citrus Beauty Drink

For beautiful skin, a concoction of citrus fruits and pineapple does wonder to the skin.


2           oranges

1/4        lemon

100g      pineapple

400ml    cold water

1/2tbsp  honey

1 cup     ice cubes


1. Cut oranges and lemon and peel them. Peel pineapple and

    cut into chunks. Put them all into the blender. Add 200ml

    of cold water, honey and ice cubes. Cover and blend well.

2. Add 200ml of cold water and mix well. Serve.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Pineapple suits all body constitutions. However, people with weak stomachs should consume it only after meals.
  • Pineapple adds digestion, reduces constipation and improves skin health.
  • However, as pineapple have rather tough fibres, direct consumption may cause gastric problems as well as affect the absorption of calcium and iron. Hence, making a drink out of it is more effective.

June 27, 2007 - Posted by | Health/Beauty Tips

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