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For an Improved Version of Man…God created a Woman!!

I heard this story…A teacher in a Sunday class asked her young pupils why God created a woman after He had created the first man. Several kids responded. But one answer stood out among the rest. A young girl said, “For an improved version of man…..God created a woman.”  It was an apt response, wasn’t it? Guys…you may not be so amused.

Just to name a few improvements…a woman has a smoother complexion with no facial hair to require trimming or shaving. She is more endowed with soft but firm breasts and a more curvaceous figure that makes any man drool.

You must have heard how well a woman can multi-task. And how she can wrap a man or a few with her little finger. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. You also agree that it was a woman’s face that launched a thousand ships.

It says that behind every successful man is a woman…to give him support and someone to lean on, or to nudge him when he starts to slaken or perhaps to give a kick on the butt should he decide to quit!!

It takes a woman to procreate. Guys..you may insist the you contribute or donate the sperms that give life to the eggs. But it’s in the woman’s womb that it starts its life and develops to become another human being.

Even when she is angry, she’s better…Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned.

However, despite all these improvements, a woman faces physical discomforts every month… like PMS, menstruation, menstral cramps. When she gets pregnant, she has to endure morning sickness, pregnant-related problems and to suffer the excruciating labour pain. Should it be an unwanted pregnancy, she goes through the trauma of an abortion. When she matures to middle age, menopause and menopausal problems set in.

Does it ever occur to you why God creates women? Ok….you tell me!!:)  


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