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Free Drinks on Ladies’ Night.

It’s for an obvious reason that pubs hold ladies’ night on Wednesdays and hand out free drinks and other freebies to attract more men making a beeline for the waterhole. Pubs’ management can’t be so charitable to set aside one night a week where the women could have their girls’ night out of fun and cheer drinks on the house. Yet some women for some warped reasons like to believe how chivalrous they are to make such offers to them.

What a rude shock awaiting these women who surpassed the age of 35 to be denied free drinks by one pub in Singapore last week. They could not understand why they were turned down when it was clearly stated “Free Drinks for women on Ladies’ Night”; “5 drinks coupons will be issued out at the entrance”. There weren’t even small print anywhere to indicate they must be a sexy young thing to qualify for the free drinks.

Calling all ladies over 35 years of age…Is this a worthy enough cause for you to fight for your rights and not to be used as tidbits to lure men and their fat wallets to chill out on a Wednesday night? Or should you accept your ‘no commercial value’ as against those young thing who could be served as palatable morsel for the male customers to nibble at? 

Do you think you should quietly avoid those pubs on Ladies’ Night and choose instead to spend your Wednesday nights at the various karaoke lounges at the Community Clubs? Or should you make your presence felt and storm into the pubs and order your drinks? After all at this age group you are economically well off to pay for your own drinks. And you could even buy drinks for that young man sitting at the next table.

You could say to the pubs’ management,”No thanks to free drinks!!”


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Cherry Yogurt Drink

For beauty and health, cherry yogurt drink is for you. Cherry can strengthen women’s health, especially in building up energy and blood, making body constitutions warm and enhancing rosy complexions. It also improves metabolism and prevents obesity.


20         fresh cherries

100g      peach

300ml    cold water

1/2 cup  ice cubes

200ml    low-fat plain yogurt


1. Pit cherries and retain the pulp. Peel and pit peach.

2. Put the fruits and cold water into the blender. Pour in ice

    cubes, then cover and blend.

3. Add yogurt and mix well. Serve.

Nutritional facts:

  • Cherry (warm nature) is suitable for those with weak constitutions and anemia. People with heaty constitutions and hyperlipidemia, on the other hand, should not consume too much.
  • Cherry contains vitamins A, B and C, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.  

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Citrus Beauty Drink

For beautiful skin, a concoction of citrus fruits and pineapple does wonder to the skin.


2           oranges

1/4        lemon

100g      pineapple

400ml    cold water

1/2tbsp  honey

1 cup     ice cubes


1. Cut oranges and lemon and peel them. Peel pineapple and

    cut into chunks. Put them all into the blender. Add 200ml

    of cold water, honey and ice cubes. Cover and blend well.

2. Add 200ml of cold water and mix well. Serve.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Pineapple suits all body constitutions. However, people with weak stomachs should consume it only after meals.
  • Pineapple adds digestion, reduces constipation and improves skin health.
  • However, as pineapple have rather tough fibres, direct consumption may cause gastric problems as well as affect the absorption of calcium and iron. Hence, making a drink out of it is more effective.

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Passion Fruit Beauty Drink

For smoother skin complexion and less wrinkles, try passion fruit beauty drink. Passion fruit helps to smoothen skin complexion and minimize the formations of wrinkles.


2             passion fruits

50g          mango

1/4          lemon

1/2          small cucumber

500ml      cold water

1/2 cup    ice cubes

1 tbsp      honey


1. Scoop out passion fruit pulp. Peel and cut mango, lemon

    and small cucumber.

2. Put the above ingredients, along with 300ml of cold water,

    ice cubes and honey, into the blender. Cover and blend well.

3. Add the remaining cold water and mix well. Serve.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Passion fruit ( neutral nature) suits all body constitutions, but diabetic patients ought to restrict consumption of it.
  • Its potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous contents protect the cardiovascular system as well as strengthen our bones and teeth.


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Recycle Used Coffee Grounds for cellulite-free

To temporarily smoothen the dimpling effects of cellulite, use coffee grounds wraps.


1/4 cup of warm used coffee grounds

1    tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

Mix them well. Apply on affected area . And wrap with plastic wrap. Leave it for a few minutes. Happy trying.

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Can’t Quit Smoking?…..Drink Coffee and Chew Coffee Grounds!

So you can’t quit smoking! The next best thing for you to do is to drink coffee. Not only it is not bad for you it may offer some health benefits. Don’t filter your coffee. In fact, as you drink it, chew the coarsely ground coffee beans.

It has been discovered that there are significant presence of antioxidants in coffee beans. Antioxidants are known to protect against “oxidative stress” by clearing up damaging free radicals that are implicated in cancer, heart disease, degenerative brain disorders and ageing.

By all means don’t quit drinking coffee. Another benefit, you need to stay up to keep blogging.

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In Praise of Women…a tribute.

Women were called the fairer sex, the weaker sex in the past but they are no longer true today. Without compromising their feminity, women have pitted their mettle against any men in all fields . They have made achievements that even men have openly applauded.

I’m not singing my praises for these women here though they rightly deserve so. But for one group of women whom the whole wide world may have chosen to ignore or pretend that they don’t exist and they are the underprivileged women who are poverty-ridden, illiterate and uneducated, enduring poor health and subjected to domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation.

The members of UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) have not only noticed them but have come together to help and assist these women to develop survival skills, to gain economic independence and to provide them with access to education and health. They have worked very closely with the governments to enforce laws and orders on perpetrators and offenders of sex crimes and child sex trade so that these women and children are free from violence, abuse and explotation.

Kudos to UNIFEM. The members, comprising mostly women, come from all walk of life. They volunteer their valuable time, expertise and wealth so that the underprivileged women may enjoy a sense of humanity and dignity as fellow human beings. Fund-raising activities have been aplenty to finance their projects. What many of us can do at least is to willingly contribute to their coffers so that they could achieve their mission.

Kudos to the underprivileged women too. Despite their poverty, they labour in quest for survival and economic independence so that children under their care do not go hungry and destitute. Illiterate and uneducated they may be but they know the importance of education, knowledge and skills to equip them for the world ahead. They do not allow poor health as an excuse to expect and wait for handouts. They brace themselves against domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation meted out on them.  

Last, but not least, a tribute………in praise of women.

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For an Improved Version of Man…God created a Woman!!

I heard this story…A teacher in a Sunday class asked her young pupils why God created a woman after He had created the first man. Several kids responded. But one answer stood out among the rest. A young girl said, “For an improved version of man…..God created a woman.”  It was an apt response, wasn’t it? Guys…you may not be so amused.

Just to name a few improvements…a woman has a smoother complexion with no facial hair to require trimming or shaving. She is more endowed with soft but firm breasts and a more curvaceous figure that makes any man drool.

You must have heard how well a woman can multi-task. And how she can wrap a man or a few with her little finger. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. You also agree that it was a woman’s face that launched a thousand ships.

It says that behind every successful man is a woman…to give him support and someone to lean on, or to nudge him when he starts to slaken or perhaps to give a kick on the butt should he decide to quit!!

It takes a woman to procreate. Guys..you may insist the you contribute or donate the sperms that give life to the eggs. But it’s in the woman’s womb that it starts its life and develops to become another human being.

Even when she is angry, she’s better…Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned.

However, despite all these improvements, a woman faces physical discomforts every month… like PMS, menstruation, menstral cramps. When she gets pregnant, she has to endure morning sickness, pregnant-related problems and to suffer the excruciating labour pain. Should it be an unwanted pregnancy, she goes through the trauma of an abortion. When she matures to middle age, menopause and menopausal problems set in.

Does it ever occur to you why God creates women? Ok….you tell me!!:)  

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